Meet our team

The Favr team consists of a diverse and young core of individuals who are amazing at their craft. The team is very close and bond very well with each other, to the point where the relationships are beyond just business but also friendship. With everyone on the team understanding and believing in the mission of Favr, the company's future is very bright. Check out our individual profiles below to learn about the great minds behind Favr.

Individual Profiles

Solomon Antoine

Chief Executive Officer

Solomon is responsible for FAVR in its entirety. He is also the lead backend developer.

Haron Arama

Chief Technology Officer

Haron is responsible for ensuring the FAVR product is running smoothly.

Ken Nguyen

Chief Operations Officer

Ken is responsible for ensuring the operations are running properly between customers & freelancers.

D'Angelo Tines

Chief Marketing Officer

D'Angelo is responsible for the branding behind FAVR to ensure it becomes a household name.

Matthew Thompson

Chief Finance Officer

Matthew is responsible for ensuring FAVR remains financially afloat.

Phil Stubbs

Software Developer

Phil is a critical piece to the FAVR development team.

AJ Montpetit

Company Advisor

AJ has been assisting FAVR since day 1 offering critical company advice.

Ambrose Dukek

Content Writer

Ambrose is responsible for writing carefully crafted blog posts for FAVR.