Request tasks - at your own price

Favr gives customers the freedom to request jobs at their own price, where freelancers will offer to complete the job. From there, as a customer you accept the most qualified freelancer based off their past ratings and reviews who then complete the job for you. Now you can focus on the important things such as your family or work instead of having to be inconvenienced by time consuming tasks.

Request any job you need on Favr

People waste a lot of time on inconvenience work whether it be snow removal, home improvement help, moving/packing, etc. This is valuable time you can be relaxing to, doing meaningful work or hanging with your family. Favr is here to solve those inconvienet job with a network of freelancers at your disposal.

Lawn Care

Whether it be mowing, raking or a landscaping project., Favr has you covered just go through our regular process and have your job complete in no time!

Home Chores

Need help around the house? Favr freelancers are quick to assist you in your home chores so you can get back to relaxing!

Moving & Packing

Whether it be furniture location, or packing to move to another house, we have a network of freelancers at your disposal to assist you with your task!

Snow Removal

Why go out in the cold and waste time shoveling the driveway when you can have it complete through Favr, while you enjoy the warmth of your cozy home.

Grocery Delivery

Order your groceries and have them delivered through Favr!

(coming soon) 

Ride Sharing

Need to get to a destination fast? No worries, as Favr has ride sharing capabilities allowing you to get from A to B in no time!

(coming soon)

Make friends, trade Favrs

Friends Feature

Favr also has a friends feature in which users are able to requests Favrs (tasks) in exchange for future Favrs.

Peer to Peer Payments

In addition, another feature we will be implementing is a peer to peer payments where users can send each other money if they’re friends.

Request a Favr

Click the Ask A Favr button where you will select a category and specify the description of the job, location, intensity, the time you want it complete by and finally the price.

Approve Freelancer

After a freelancer accepts your job you will get a notification to approve or reject the freelancer based off the past ratings and reviews by viewing their profile. After you accept, they are notified that you have accepted them.

Rate Freelancer

Next, you will be notified of the freelancers arrival and the app will also notify you when the freelancer has marked the job as complete. If you as the customer are satisfied with their work you will then submit a rating and review based on their quality of work. If you feel the job is incomplete you will have to open a conflict within the app.

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