How FAVR Works:

1. Customer Request Task

A customer requests a task which is then pushed to the marketplace feed.

2. Freelancer Accept a Job

Based off the difficulty & price a freelancer will then accept the job.

3. Customer Approve or Reject Freelancer

Based off the past ratings and reviews of a freelancer the customer will approve or reject them accordingly. If rejected, the tasks will go back to the feed and the process wll start over.

4. Chat Between Customer & Freelancer

If approved, the customer and freelancer will chat within the FAVR app talking about the intricacies of the job.

5. Freelancer Arrives To Job

After agreeing on a time to come and complete the job, the freelancer will arrive and start working on the task at hand. Once arrived, the funds will be deposited into escrow.

6. Freelancer Completes Job

After the freelancer is completed with the job, they will mark the task as complete within the app where they'll be prompted to the next step.

7. Freelancer Review & Rates Customer

After the freelancer marks the job as complete they will be prompted to a screen rating and reviewing their customer.

8. Customer Confirm Completion

The customer will receive a notification upon completion by the freelancer where they will then confirm the job is completed, if not complete, the customer will need to chat with the freelancer within the app. If completed, the funds will then be dispersed to the customer.

Note, if a customer doesn't respond to the freelancer completion request within 6 hours the job is automatically marked as complete, with the funds released to the freelancer.

9. Customer Review Freelancer

Once the job completion is confirmed, the customer will then rate and review the freelancer on their performance.