Start a Fundraiser

FAVR is a unique fundraising platform for organizations like churches and schools looking to fund raise. The premise of this idea is that these organizations can use FAVR to raise funds for their programs by offering services like common household chores or mowing in exchange for a donation to their fundraiser. So for every “FAVR” done, all funds earned will go to the organization.

Getting Started

1. Sign up

Register an organization with FAVR by filling out the form below.

2. Setup Stripe Account

Following registration, to ensure the organization gets paid you must create a Stripe account.

3. Add Users

Within the organization dashboard, admins must add workers to their organizations.

4. Create QR Code

Using the admin dashboard create a QR code and print it.

5. Share QR Code

Share your QR code to your organization so they can download FAVR.

6. Raise Funds

After all prior steps have been completed, your organization is ready to raise funds.

Start A Fundraiser