Meet The Team

The Favr team consists of a diverse and young core of individuals who are amazing at their craft. The team is very close and bond very well with each other, to the point where the relationships are beyond just business but also friendship. With everyone on the team understanding and believing in the mission of Favr, the company’s future is very bright. Check out our individual profiles below to learn about the great minds behind Favr.

Individual Profiles

Solomon Antoine

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Chief Executive Officer

Solomon is the current CEO of Favr, he is 19 years old and had the original idea of Favr back in high school. He taught himself programming his senior year in high school so he could build a very rough first version of the app. He spent 7 months as a junior backend developer at GDC where he was able to refine his programming skills and understand what it takes to run a startup. Solomon is credited for rewriting the entire backend for Favr himself.

Haron Arama

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Chief Technology Officer

Haron Arama is the current CTO of Favr . He is a junior at the University of Minnesota, where he also interns at Infinite Campus as a software engineer. Haron has been programming for much of his life  throughout his middle school and high school years where he always was apart of some programming challenges. He came onto Favr in March and built the beta progressive web app, on top of that he also built the frontend of the iOS app with Ionic.

D'Angelo Tines

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Chief Marketing Officer

D’Angelo Tines is the current CMO of Favr where he is responsible for marketing and public relations as a whole.  He is a junior at the University of Minnesota, where he is majoring in communications and minoring in economics. D’Angelo has been apart of Favr since its conception. He is a skilled social media marketer and has an act of public speaking, making him the perfect Marketing Officer for Favr.

Ken Nguyen

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Chief Operating Officer

Ken Nguyen is the current COO of Favr where he is responsible for day to day relations with customers/freelancers and ensures the business flows are operationally sound. Ken is a peoples person and has an act of working well with everyone, making him a great COO as he is good resolving issues that Favr users may have or ensuring the teams is positive. He is a freshman at the NDSU and studies business & finance.

Matthew Thompson

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Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Thompson is the current CFO of Favr where he is responsible for all things to do with finance and risk management. Matthew is apart of the National Guard and is starting his first semester at Gustavus this winter where he will be studying finance and accounting.

Phil Stubbs

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Lead Frontend Developer

Phil Stubbs is the current Frontend Lead of Favr where he is responsible for managing our frontend apps and tools. He is currently a contract tech writer at MedTron. Phil joined the team through Solomon after they had met at Rochester’s Startup Weekend.

Aaron Levin

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Product Innovation Manager (soon to be with us)

Aaron Levin is a graduate of UW Madison. He has plenty of experience working with startups and has worked with software innovation for years. He will be joining the Favr leadership team as a Product Innovation manager, working closely with the CTO and the developers. He will be joining Favr spring of 2019.

Leo Alfred

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Full Stack Developer (soon to be with us)

Leo Alfred is a freshman at the university of Minnesota where he is studying computer science. He initially joined May 2018 but had gotten busy with school.  Leo is a full stack developer that has worked with a variety of technologies and will be joining Favr in the spring of 2019.

Cameron Wonchoba

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Data Engineer (soon to be with us)

Cameron will be working with data and data manipulation at Favr when he comes on board in the spring of 2019. Cameron is a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities who is expecting to graduate in the spring of 2020, and he is studying Computer Science where he is also an intern at Infinite Campus.

Ambrose Dukek

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Content Writer

Ambrose Dukek is a senior at John Marshall high school. He is a content writer for Favr and joined in the winter of 2018. He writes blogs and assists in the posting of social media content.

Joe Longendyke

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Backend & Systems Engineer (soon to be with us)

Joe Longendyke is a student at Kasson Mantorville high school. He will be a backend and systems engineer who is well versed in a wide variety of technologies. He will be handling the backend management and infrastructure of Favr when he joins in the spring of 2019.

Mustaf Ahmed

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Cyber Security Engineer (soon to be with us)

Mustaf Ahmed initially joined back in Fall of 2018 where his interview was to hack our beta progressive web app, which he successfully exposed. He plans on working on Favr in the Spring of 2019, where he will be responsible for securing Favr and patching vulnerabilities.

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