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What is FAVR?

Raise Funds By Doing Chores

Favr gives customers the freedom to request jobs at their own price, where freelancers will offer to complete the job. From there, as a customer you accept the most qualified freelancer based off their past ratings and reviews who then complete the job for you. Now you can focus on the important things such as your family or work instead of having to be inconvenienced by time consuming tasks.

In addition to being an on-demand service platform, FAVR is a unique fundraising platform for organizations like churches and schools looking to fund raise. The premise of this idea is that these organizations can use FAVR to raise funds for their programs by offering services like common household chores or mowing in exchange for a donation to their fundraiser. So for every “FAVR” done, all funds earned will go to the organization.


Learn the neat features of FAVR


Increase Productivity

Using FAVR allows you to rid your day of inconvenient chores so you can focus on the more important things.



In addition to being an on-demand service platform, FAVR is a unique fundraising platform for organizations like churches and schools looking to fund raise.


Build Communities

With FAVR all business exchanged between customers and freelancers are all generally within the same community, thus building communities.


Make Money

Favr is an opportunity for people to make extra money in their spare time. As a freelancer with Favr, you can work whenever you want.


Modern Design

The FAVR app uses a modern and very sleek interface of users to interact with. The blend of red and orange has been well received by a majority of users.


Easy To Use

FAVR is very easy for customers to use. 1. Request a FAVR, 2. Approve a Freelancer, 3. Work Done, Rate the Freelancer.


Happy Customers


Organizations Funded

Product & Screenshots

Checkout some of the screenshots of the FAVR app.

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FAVR Fundraising

Fundraising is hard, especially when the donor is tired of receiving the same overpriced pretzel knots. FAVR makes fundraising easier by taking a brand new approach, so instead of trying to convince the donor to donate to your fundraiser you can offer a service like mowing their lawn in exchange for a donation to your fundraiser. This is different from the traditional fundraising in that using FAVR is mutually beneficial for both parties in that the donor is having a service completed for them while the worker receives a donation to their fundraiser. Watch our demo on how to get started!

Getting Started with Fundraising

Learn the how to get started with FAVR fundraising for your organization:

Register Organization

Register an organization with FAVR by filling out the form below.

Integrate Stripe

Following registration, to ensure the organization gets paid you must create a Stripe account.

Add Workers

Within the organization dashboard, admins must add workers to their organizations.

Create QR Code

After the workers have been added, the admin must create a QR code.

Share QR Code

Once created, the organization needs to share the QR code to the community for users to use the app.

Ready To Fundraise

AFter all prior steps have been completed, your organization is ready to fundraise.

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Our Amazing Team

The Favr team consists of a diverse and young core of individuals who are amazing at their craft. The team is very close and bond very well with each other, to the point where the relationships are beyond just business but also friendship. With everyone on the team understanding and believing in the mission of Favr, the company’s future is very bright. Check out our individual profiles below to learn about the great minds behind Favr.


Solomon Antoine

Chief Executive Officer

Haron Arama

Chief Technology Officer

D'Angelo Tines

Chief Marketing Officer

Ken Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

Phil Stubbs

Software Developer

AJ Montpetit


Ambrose Dukek

Content Writer

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FAVR is available on the web and iOS. Android is coming soon.

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